FERRETTI CUSTOM LINE Navetta 42 41.79m M/Y HORIZON Yacht For Sale

This Custom Line 42 is the finest, most complete and well designed Ferretti Custom Line to ever hit the water. She has been built for an experienced yachtsman with an incredible eye for detail, upgrading almost everything on the list from the standard that the brand produces. Custom Line represents what the owner receives at the end. A customised superyacht with an impeccable pedigree and a brand name that is connected with innovation, comfort, style and performance.

Navetta 42 Custom Line #4Custom Line is a brand of the Italian yacht manufacturer Ferretti Group.It offers customized fiberglass yachts and is considered to have helped in advancing the practice of Italian yacht building towards luxury liners.Since the ship build's inception in 2005 the company delivered over 300 boats.

Technical Specifications

137' 2" (41.79m)
26' 7" (8.1m)
14 guests 9 crew

Yacht Prices

Sole Ownership:
€18,000,000 EUR
Shared Ownership:
Starting from €5,175,000 EUR

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