Your Greece yacht charter will take you to the origins of Western civilization. With over 2,000 islands and 9,000 miles of coastline, Greece is one of the most sought-after luxury superyacht destinations in the world. Take the yacht charter of a lifetime in the country of the Greek gods and experience your ultimate bliss.


With its magnificent historical monuments, opulent nightlife, and breathtaking alabaster beaches, Greece is tremendously simple to fall in love with. The mainland is crammed with attractions and activities. Visit the world-famous historical landmarks in Athens or spend the day shopping in the upscale boutiques that line the city’s streets. If you grow tired of Athens, which is unlikely, set sail for the Greek Islands. On your superyacht, you’ll be able to effortlessly navigate to a number of beautiful anchorages and a succession of magnificent islands. Dive into the crystal-clear, turquoise waters to explore the dazzling underwater realm, or swim off the yacht’s back. Return to your yacht for a massage, then get ready for a night out in Mykonos.


The Cyclades are mountainous, Mediterranean islands with a dry climate. The most popular of Greece’s island chains, they contain the oft-photographed Mykonos, one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations (along with the Parthenon in Athens). Each of the Cyclades has its own distinct personality, but white cube-shaped houses, narrow cobblestone streets, and charming churches are omnipresent. Many of these islands are crowned by huge or small, complete or wrecked castles. In addition to Mykonos, Santorini is a must-see destination. It is a gorgeous island with kilometers of black sand beaches. Serifos, Sifnos, Sikinos, Folegandros, and Koufonisia are less well-known islands, yet they are all worth a visit. And just wait until you try the native cuisine!


The Ionians are rich in natural beauty, with rare geological formations and lush vegetation. Their gentle slopes are clad with pines, cypresses, olive trees and vineyards. The Ionian Islands are like emeralds scattered on the Ionian Sea in western Greece. One of the highlights is Ithaki, the home of Odysseus, according to Homer. It offers quiet anchorages with crystal-clear water, along with caves to explore. Corfu, the northernmost island of the Ionian Group, lies at the entrance of the Adriatic Sea. It is mountainous with long, golden beaches; one of Greece’s prettiest towns, Byzantine churches, museums, and even a Venetian fortress.

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