Our SeaNet survey team are here to review the overall condition of the vessel by giving it a full yacht inspection. Our survey team consists of a former experienced yacht captain accompanied by an experienced yacht chief engineer. We can offer you a general condition survey.

Survey of a pre-owned superyacht

For this type of survey, we require 2-3 days including a sea trial. A dry berth check is performed after 7 days on dry land. After we have completed the survey you will receive a written report of the yacht’s overall condition with a full description of the yacht, each on-board system and our findings and recommendations.

Our SeaNet Yacht Survey includes:

  • Hull & superstructure (wet & dry berth, hull moisture, general maintenance level, general condition and bilge)
  • Steering & propulsion (main engines, gearboxes, watertight sealing, sea trial results and oil sample analysis)
  • Deck equipment, toys & tenders (tests and oil sample analysis)
  • Exterior gelcoat/paint (only basic, paint survey on request)
  • Engine room systems (air conditioning, pumps, hydraulics, water maker, other systems, general condition)
  • Interior (overall condition, technical condition, inventory)
  • Electrical systems check (including generators)
  • Electronic, domestics & entertainment check
  • Navigation electronics check
  • Fire and safety check

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