Hospitality Management

In general, SeaNet’s Hospitality Management runs the day-to-day activities of a yacht, including overseeing the interior crew, ensuring housekeeping is properly done according to the exclusive SeaNet standards, taking steps to ensure the ultimate customer satisfaction, and overseeing the upkeep of administrative and financial records. Relax, and let SeaNet’s Hospitality Management ensure your yachting experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible each and every single time you step onboard your yacht. Your journey on your yacht should provide you and your guests with complete peace of mind, whether you be out on the water or busy exploring on land.

SeaNet's Hospitality Management

Indulge in the best luxury hospitality service possible during your trip. Let our highly trained and devoted team take care of all aspects of your daily planning, from arranging customised daily excursions to organising transfers for your guests to selecting and making reservations for you in the best restaurants in the world.

Let us introduce you to our Hospitality Manager Eli Gajinov – With many years of experience as a Chief Stew, Eli has a profound insight into yachting and the hospitality business.

SeaNet’s Hospitality Management includes:

  • Recruitment of Interior Crew
  • Training of new Interior Crew
  • Follow-up of all Interior Crew (stews + chefs)
  • Launching New Projects (yacht setup)
  • SeaNet Standardisation
  • Concierge Service
  • Guest Service


Finding the right interior crew and teaching them the essential interior yachting skills required to perform to a high standard for both owners and guests. We train our interior crew in a variety of areas such as interior management, interior attention to detail, housekeeping, cabin preparation, flower arranging and laundry, food and wine service, cocktail service, barista service, cigar service, and so much more.


Our dedicated team is well versed with all the finest dining experiences found among key cruising destinations, as well as some you may have never heard of. Let our team help you make your dining reservations and visit renowned places you likely love. Or, let them introduce you to new places, as our growing network means we have access to the best local and private dining experiences.


Well-versed in creating curated, bespoke travel experiences, let our team plan out your daily excursions. Whether you are looking to explore private, uninhabited islands across the Caribbean, deep-sea dive in Belize, or fly in a helicopter over a volcano in Italy, our team is able to plan any activity or event. Depending on your desires and schedule, each excursion will be tailored made to suit your needs.

Our crew is driven, ambitious, and globally-minded. They are people from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and life experiences who all share the same goal: to go above and beyond to make sure you have the best yachting experience ever with attention to every detail!

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