Every one of our SeaNet crews makes your enjoyment their top priority. Experience has taught us that the best crews are those who have worked together and with a specific yacht for a significant period. That’s why we rotate our SeaNet crews and have some of the best crew retention in the industry. With a bi-monthly crew rotation (2 months on & off scheme), we guarantee them a perfect balance between their work and private life, significantly reducing the loss of crew.

Crew Training & Development

Our SeaNet crew programme provides each crew member with the opportunity to develop their skillset and grow their career resulting in some of the best crew retention in the industry. We guarantee that SeaNet crews will go above and beyond to make sure your time onboard is perfect.

Why choose SeaNet SuperYachts?

  • SeaNet highly values the work/life balance of her crew members.
  • SeaNet offers full rotation to all crew members which is a very exceptional proposition on board of superyachts in the range between 24 to 60M.
  • SeaNet offers “on the job” training programmes where crew can continuously improve their skillset.
  • SeaNet has a fleet of yachts under management in different sizes and can offer growth opportunities within the company.
  • SeaNet yachts sail worldwide in 2 seasons/year. This offers crew a variety of sailing regions and an all year round job under a fix contract.
  • SeaNet yacht management is driven by an experienced yacht owner’s experience where respect and appreciation for crew is key.
  • SeaNet yachts are all highly specked, fully equipped and maintained to the highest industry standards.
  • SeaNet offers all crew a year-end bonus payment based on performance targets defined upfront.
  • SeaNet operations and hospitality management supports all crew in the execution of their job on board.

A trustworthy crew is key to every superyacht.

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