Earlier this week the 116′ Benetti Mediterraneo UNY boarded the MV Yacht Express, in Genoa, heading to the Caribbean. This is a milestone for SeaNet, the first yacht to start a double season for her owners.

co-owning a yacht concept

SeaNet continues to redefine the luxury yacht ownership experience with its unique co-ownership model. By choosing SeaNet, owners not only gain access to a magnificent yacht but also enjoy a hassle-free management experience. The UNY yacht, one of SeaNet’s prestigious vessels, offers its co-owners an unparalleled opportunity to indulge in weeks of seafaring bliss. These lucky individuals can savor time aboard their elegant yacht in the stunning waters of the Caribbean, following their already delightful experiences in the Mediterranean. The convenience of flying on a private jet directly to the Caribbean to start the journey to their yacht is as opulent and comfortable as their time on the water, reinforcing SeaNet’s commitment to providing an unrivaled yachting lifestyle.

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