Transporting the SeaNet fleet across the Atlantic

Co-owning a yacht with SeaNet Europe means maximising your use of the vessel at the lowest cost. With our double-season program, superyachts under SeaNet Management will be cruising the Caribbean/Bahamas, fully dependant on the owners’ choice.


The SeaNet fleet, including one of our Benetti Delfino 95′, has been installed aboard a DYT Yacht Transport, heading towards the Bahamas. The yachts will offer their owners a well-deserved break and a tropical escape in the warm water of the Bahamas. The fleet of superyachts will cruise the Caribbean for the winter before returning to the Mediterranean ahead of a busy season with owners aboard. 

Co-owning a superyacht with SeaNet means that you get to experience the very best of the yachting lifestyle for a fraction of the cost, without having to charter your yacht and bend to the bookings of guests. With guaranteed weeks of use both in the Mediterranean and in the Caribbean each year, co-owning a yacht is the perfect balance for an owner using his boats for a few weeks per year. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discover more about our co-ownership solution. 


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