Last April SeaNet invited a few interested parties to the Elite Experience Days. Our main purpose was to give them a taste of life on board a luxury yacht and show them exactly what is on offer.

The Elite Experience approach

The Elite Experience approach took some customers to sunny Croatia at the beginning of the yachting season. Our guests were welcomed by a VIP meet and greet service at Split airport and taken to the Benetti Delfino 93’. On board the yacht they not only got a better view on the picturesque Dalmatian coastline but also on our approach and strengths. Our one and only condition: enjoy the yachting experience, meet the crew, relax on board and relish the excellent cuisine. All in all, we welcomed some 10 couples on board.

The next edition of the Elite Experience Days is coming up in October. If you’re interested, sign up now and things will be further handled by our team.

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