Yacht Charter Sardinia

According to Sardinians it is very likely heaven will turn out to be a disappointment, at least to those who have been to their island which is definitely one of the Mediterranean’s top destinations.


Join the international jet-set at Porto Cervo or have a stopover at one of the islands in the Maddalena archipelago to enjoy the stunning views and watch the sea turtles swimming in the sea or lazing on the sandy beaches. If you’re looking for authenticity, there’s always the picturesque pastel facades along the quayside, the charming medieval maze of winding narrow streets and the laid-back local atmosphere in Bosa or Alghero.

Natural beauty and cultural heritage

The archaeological riches and natural beauty that can be found inland are not to be missed. A must-see are the tower-fortresses called Nuraghe, and the Giara di Gesturi, a nature reserve on a high basalt plateau with two extinct volcano cones and several marsh lakes. Once you’re done with sightseeing, it’s time for one of the world’s best cappuccinos in the Mediterranean harbour of Cagliari.

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