SeaNet SuperYachts has pioneered a leading yacht co-ownership model.
Our tried and tested model offers yacht owners the perfect middle ground between chartering and sole ownership, providing new and experienced yacht owners with a unique, discerning solution.

SeaNet SuperYachts is your expert in yacht co-ownership. We offer new and experienced yacht owners various yacht co-ownership models (yacht shared ownership) to better serve each owner’s individual needs and preferences.

Owning and managing a yacht remains an arduous business. Our yacht management team of highly skilled, experienced and driven experts is dedicated to ensuring your enjoyment on your superyacht is first-class. Our management team offers a highly personalised service with unrivalled experience and expertise from a seasoned yacht owner, where all your yachting management needs will be provided in-house.

Every one of our seanet crews makes your enjoyment their top priority. Experience has taught us that the best crews are those who have worked together and with a specific yacht for a significant period. That’s why we rotate our seanet crews and have some of the best crew retention in the industry. With a bi-monthly crew rotation (2 months on & off scheme), we guarantee them a perfect balance between their work and private life, significantly reducing the loss of crew.

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At SeaNet SuperYachts we offer NEW and PRE-OWNED superyachts in the range of 24 to 60 meters (80 to 200 ft). 

All pre-owned yachts are carefully selected and approved by our experts to meet the highest standards.

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Sail destinations all over the world in luxury and enjoy a range of on-board services provided by professionals. 

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Whether you are an active family, a group of friends that want to hang out together. Or it’s just the two of you and you simply want to enjoy wonderful weather, ever- changing ocean views and delicious foods. One thing is for sure – SeaNet will offer you the thrill of your life on your new home away from home.