SANLORENZO SL106 #625 32.2m Sanlorenzo SL106 #625 Yacht For Sale

Streamlined, elegant and well-balanced at the same time: this is the SL fleet, the planing yachts by Sanlorenzo. The range includes five models: SL78, SL86, SL102, SL106, SL118, with lengths from 24 to 37 meters. Every yacht, even the smallest, offers various interior layout possibilities and can be completely personalized in keeping with the tastes and passions of its owner.

Sanlorenzo SL106-625 ‘Andiamo’ sports the unmistakable Sanlorenzo style, matching elegance, balancing spaces, a well-balanced ratio of empty to occupied spaces and an extraordinary number of innovations while maintaining the identity of the Sanlorenzo planing fleet.

In the SL106 the new interpretation of the space turns into a new distributive layout. The main characteristics of the main deck is the path connecting the living room with the dining room/family lounge at prow, which creates a strong spatial continuity permitting an immediate and full perception of the yacht length, from stern to prow, and achieving a depth of field very unusual for yachts of similar size.

Technical Specifications

105' 8" (32.2m)
23' 2" (7.05m)

Yacht Prices

Starting From: €7,500,000 EUR

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